Announcing the 2nd cohort of the VIPTeach Global Online Teaching Fellowship!

Applications are now closed!

We are pleased to announce the kickoff of the 2nd cohort of the VIPTeach Global Online Teaching Fellowship!

We are busy planning the next year’s activities and invite you to join us! 

The VIPTeach Global Online Teaching Fellowship is an opportunity to join a cohort of professionals, teachers, school administrators, doctoral students, and recent graduates. We are looking for educational leaders who are interested in working with us to gain skills for the online classroom, share ideas, and promote educational equity.  

Service Learning

The Fellowship is a virtual service learning and professional learning program designed to equip early and mid-career professionals with technology, pedagogical, and cross-cultural skills required of 21st century education leaders. The first cohort of VIPTeach Fellows were immersed in virtual teaching, professional development, meaningful exchanges with guest speakers, and Capstone Projects to support their educational communities.

This coming fall, the Fellowship will continue its service work by partnering with Vello, a one-on-one tutoring program by United Way. A team from VIPTeach will give back to students around the United States with the Vello teaching platform. The Fellows will dive into online teaching with mentoring, Professional Learning Community work, and Capstone projects!  See our Blog for more information! 

Professional Learning Communities

New Fellows will be paired with mentors from the first cohort of VIPTeach Fellows. Together we will work on creating Capstone projects from the start of the fellowship. It is our hope that each year, Fellows will continue to contribute and become the next cohort’s mentors. Based on the Professional Learning Community model, professional learning and making connections is at the heart of the program. The Fellowship will last from September, 2021 through July, 2022, ending with presentations of the Capstone Projects. Fellows will benefit from the experience in educational practices and skills sharing as well as ideation of their ideas in the Capstone projects. See our FAQ for more information! 

Guest Speakers and Professional Development

Each year, we invite guest speakers from the educational community and bring resources to our Fellows to study deeper into education equality.  Our 2021 Fellows also attended several conferences including, and found many resources for doctoral research and other studies.  Our speaker series this year will begin in October and continue throughout the year. We will also support personalized professional development opportunities for our Fellows.

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 cohort!  See their work on our website at