Education Leaders Selected for New Online Teaching Fellowship

VIPTeach is a charitable organization that empowers educators with technology and professional learning to break down barriers that prevent many children from accessing quality education. We believe tech-savvy and culturally competent education leaders have the power to overcome these barriers, and our goal is to give them the support, skills, and opportunities to do so. This is why we created the Global Online Teaching Fellowship.

We are thrilled to announce the first-ever cohort of VIPTeach Global Online Teaching Fellows!

These online education pioneers were chosen from all over the country for a unique learning experience that will help them grow as professionals as they make a difference in the lives of the students and classroom teachers they serve.   

The VIPTeach Global Online Teaching Fellowship is a virtual service and professional learning program designed to equip early and mid-career professionals with technological, pedagogical, and cross-cultural skills required of 21st-century education leaders. All Fellows are education professionals who plan to use the Fellowship to better serve their communities, and the field, as leaders in classroom teaching, school administration, education policy, education technology, and other education sector roles.

This year’s inaugural class is made up of 26 education professionals; a mix of K-12 brick-and-mortar teachers, school administrators, online educators, librarians, and university lecturers living in five countries and 19 different U.S. states. Most Fellows hold or are currently pursuing advanced degrees related to curriculum and instruction, education policy, and/or school leadership.

We are honored to be joined by the following individuals as part of our 2020-21 Cohort:

  • Amy Truett, MAEd, Doctoral Candidate
  • South Carolina
  • Ann Mengel, MSEd
  • Maryland
  • Blanche Norris, MEd
  • Illinois
  • Brittney Ainsworth, SEd
  • Mississippi
  • Chris Fenwick, BS
  • Georgia (Based in Mexico)
  • Danielle Welke, MAEd TESOL
  • Michigan
  • Desiree Roland, MLIS
  • Florida
  • Diana Phillips, BA
  • California
  • Elayne Lemieux, BMus, BEd TESOL
  • Canada
  • Dawn Rockholt, EdD
  • Tennessee
  • Jackie Robinson, MEd, PPS, Doctoral Candidate
  • Montana
  • Jacob Thibodaux, BS
  • Louisiana (Based in Vietnam)
  • Jeanette Salazar, BA
  • Texas
  • Jolie DeVries, MEd
  • North Dakota
  • Karen Morris, MSEd
  • Virginia
  • Kate Schartel Novak, MEd
  • Pennsylvania
  • Kelly Winn, MEd
  • Virginia
  • Loretta Holmberg-Masden, MSEd, PhD Candidate
  • Maryland
  • Melissa Stefanko, MAEd, Doctoral Candidate
  • Indiana
  • Melissa Rescigno, MAEd
  • New Jersey
  • Stephanie Horton, BAEd
  • Alabama
  • Susan M. Landaira, MSEd
  • New York
  • Susana Monreal, MFA
  • Texas (Based in Italy)
  • Tamara Dunn, MS Special Ed
  • Kentucky
  • Tamara Thovtrup, MAEd
  • North Carolina
  • Tiffany Boone, BS
  • Michigan (Based in England)

In line with the mission of VIPTeach, our goal for this blog is to serve educators with opportunities to learn best practices from other education professionals. To learn more about the VIPTeach Fellows, subscribe to the VIPTeach blog where they will share their diverse expertise, program experiences, and research insights rooted in their commitment to educational equity.